Launch Week

Launch Week

Well it's safe to say we started off with a bang! The first week of life for this brand was insane to say the least, we killed it. At this point we have now sold out of 80% of our inventory which had been a really humbling experience, thank you all so much! Orders flew in at light speed and they got out the door just as fast, so I can't wait for your orders to arrive and to see you rocking whatever you picked up.

Those of you who missed out don't worry, a restock of goods is already on it's way with a few new items thrown in the mix. We'll be looking at 1-3 weeks to be fully stocked on every item again so don't sleep as things roll in.

 To check out an in depth look at the company mission and the first few days of launch, peep the vlog posted below. Thank you guys again for the crazy amount of support!



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