Welcome to Thirty Eight RIde Co.

Welcome to Thirty Eight RIde Co.

Welcome to the launch of Thirty Eight Ride Co! This has been a long time coming, with months of hard work and long nights to make it happen but it's finally here. This thing has been in my head for nearly three years and it's so exciting to see it come to reality, and I really appreciate all of the support from family, friends and fans as I got it here. I am super happy with the designs and quality of goods and that was the main concern with how this brand entered the scene.

This is just the beginning of things, because like any company you have to start somewhere. I am already working on designing and dropping new clothing collections each season so be on the lookout for those, and there are plans to launch some hard parts and technical riding gear in 2018. Looking ahead to that future has me extremely excited because myself and my riders use and abuse this stuff every day, so we know what works and what doesn't and I think we will be able to offer some great things when that day comes.

To anyone reading this, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to check out our site and support the brand in what it's goal is. I wanted to have a blog on the site as a direct line to speak with our customers, so they can hear things direct out of the owners head. So subscribe to the feed or check back periodically for updates on new products and sales, real world tests of our products, team rider updates and so much more. Here's to the future.



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  • Tyler

    Hey Lee,

    I watch all of your Youtube videos, well the ones about Rogue Lab and all your gear for 38 Ride Co, and I check out your items on here all the time. I’ve always wanted to create a brand. I just really enjoy being creative and being able to see the final product and feel that accomplishment. I am working on a brand and you have really been helping me out. I’ve been doing tons of research from all angles. And I didn’t know if you had covered this in one of your videos because I don’t remember it but your flatbill hats have branding in them. I was wondering if you did that yourself or did you use a company like Pacific Headwear that fully customizes these hats with your branding? Also, Where do you get your small tee shirt tags? You do so much cool stuff and even though I don’t ride and Im not really into that stuff, I truly can appreciate the designs and the items you create. Your branding is amazing and I’d like to be at least half as good as you with my brand. Thanks man and keep up all the good work.

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