Thirty Eight Ride Co.

Thirty Eight Ride Co. is about promoting and supporting motorsport culture and all of its different scenes from street to dirt, racing to freestyle, and everything in between. This brand was created with two main goals in mind, to produce high quality and functional products, and to support our riders/customers in their respective areas of motorsport. Coming from an elite level riding background, we know the level of abuse things can be put through, from every day streetwear, to riding gear and parts. It is our aim to provide a level of quality in our products to handle this type of abuse, while they look good doing it.

Products aside, it is also very important to us to give back to the sports we're involved in. We aim to support up and coming athletes, support racing organizations, preserve riding areas, and promote motorsports in a positive way. The people, riders, roads, riding facilities and so much more are what make these sports we love what they are, and we promise to always do our part.

We understand every level of involvement, from enthusiast to professional…so we have you covered at Thirty Eight Ride Co.


Lee Stuart

Lee Stuart (@leestuart38) is the man behind Thirty Eight Ride Company. Before becoming known for his Youtube videos and motorcycle stunts, Lee grew up racing motocross and snowcross across Canada and the United States. Eventually turning his passion into a career, he travelled around the world as a triple-threat professional freestyle snowcross, motocross and sport bike athlete.

With over 27 years of riding and 16 years working in the industry, his experience has given him an inside look at every aspect of the motorsports and the riders involved. This has given him a strong motivation to give back to the motorsports he loves, and so Thirty Eight Ride Co. was born.